Completing Overhaul of CDQ for Shanxin Yongxin-Beijing JC Energy & Environment Engineering Co., Ltd
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          Company news

          BJCEEE information

             Smoothly Completing the Overhaul of CDQ

           with the Capacity of 155t./h.
          for Shanxin Yongxin Coal Coking Co., Ltd.




          The CDQ facilities was put into operation on November 29, 2015 and had been run for 17 months until stopping for cooling on May 4, 2017. This was the first annual maintenance for the facilities. After checking carefully, it was found out that the overall conditions was good, which was very close relationship to careful operations, reasonable design and high qualities of design and construction from the customer.


          Our company BJCEEE set up one technical group consisting of engineers in the occupations of machinery, heating, refractory and electricity with the guidance of the project manager. In addition to the refractory materials and the equipment with the chamber proper, the overhauling items also included circulatory system, boiler system, secondary dust catcher, circulation gas blower, sub-economizer, blasting device as well as the systems of electricity and automations for further checking, testing and maintenance. The detailed reports for professional maintenance and proposals were submitted to the customer after the overhaul. The duration of the overhaul only lasted for 14days, ahead of 7days as planned. 


          In the annual overhaul, the customer was fully satisfied with our professional technology, excellent service, scientific organizations and careful managements.


          The CDQ with the capacity of 155t./h. in Shanxin Yongxin Coal Coking Co., Ltd. stopped running for cooling on May 4, 2017 and the overhaul of the Chamber was finished to make the conditions for charging cold coke ready on May 17, 2017. The hot red coke was smoothly charged into the chamber on May 18. With nearly one month of running by the customer, every index was up to the standards of designers and customer, with the results satisfied.

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