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            Competition at the Same Stage, with the Respective Strength
            -Record of Actual Event for Construction of 2# CDQ in Shandong Rongxin Coalification Co., Ltd.

            The construction of 2# CDQ generally contracted by our company BJCEEE for Shandong Rongxin Coalification Plant is under stable progress. Until right now, the installations of steel structures for CDQ proper, the chamber, PDC and SDC as well as the major parts of the boiler system are almost completed while the civil works for the main control building, power station and circulation water system come to the end. And the brick laying is coming the section of sloping flue inside the chamber.

            Rongxin 2# CDQ under construction
            The project is CDQ facilities matching with existing 3#, 4# coke oven of Shandong Rongxin Coalification Co., Ltd.. The customer launched two sets of CDQ facilities at the same time, of which 1# CDQ facilities constructed by another company is for 1#, 2# coke oven while 2# CDQ facilities by BJCEEE for 3#,4# coke oven. Such circumstance, under which two sets of CDQ facilities are separately constructed by two companies at the same site simultaneously, is very rare in the industry of CDQ system. However, it is the unusual situations that enhance the surpassing determinations and competing spirits from two companies.  Another company is a large-scale enterprise with more than 60 years of the abilities for engineering and general contract in the field of coal carbonization and refractory materials. And the company also enjoys very high reputations and good achievements in the industry. BJCEEE is very expert at the project of general contract for CDQ facilities even though our company has been established only for over 10 years. BJCEEE also boasts excellent performance and enjoys public praises. The customer intended to promote the overall qualities and progresses of two sets of CDQ facilities through mutual learning and competitions by the general contractors of two companies, which in fact is the best beneficiary to the customer.
            Because of different time for the availabilities of piling and conditions of constructions by the customer, Another company started excavating for 1# CDQ facilities in November 2016, earlier one month or so than our company BJCEEE. Only on December 23, 2016, the condition of excavation by BJCEEE was available. To guarantee the general time limit for the project, BJCEEE acted rapidly as the role of constructor to optimize the network program and construction plan. Under the premise of ensuring qualities and safety, extra shifts and hours were worked and the civil works for the foundations of the main items was finished just one day ahead of the Spring Festival. Two general contractors raced each other to compete at the same site for the purpose of promoting overall duration of the project under the preconditions of safety and qualities. So far, our company BJCEEE has already realized the completions of installations for main steel structures, the chamber, boiler system, PDC and SDC ahead of the project schedule.

            We have reasons to believe that at the competing stage by Rongxin company, BJCEEE is determined to steadily promote progresses of Rongxin CDQ facilities at high qualities and speed to hand over the completed project for the operation as per the time specified under the contract. And at the same time our management level and abilities of organizing the project shall be further promoted through the kind of competition at the same stage.

            Rongxin company, Sanhuan supervision unit organized two general contractors to have the regular meeting of project;

            Mr. Wu, vice president from Rongxin company led supervisors and two contractors to carry out the inspections for safety and qualities.

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