Beijing JC Energy & Environment Engineering Co., Ltd

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      Beijing JC Energy & Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. (BJCEEE) is an engineering company, founded in September 2003, as a joint venture company of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd. (NSENGI) and Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (BSIET). The business scope of BJCEEE is sales of Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ), Coal Moisture Control (CMC), Coke Oven Gas Desulfurization (COGD) and other energy saving and ecological products in the domestic market.

      Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is an international engineering company, established through reorganization of auxiliary business from Beijing Shougang Design Institute, which is invested by Shougang Group who takes relative majority of the share, manager’s team and core technical managers. The business scope of BSIET covers technical consultation, engineering design, EPC and engineering supervision in the fields of metallurgy, construction,real eatate,municipal infrastructure and environmental protection as well as relevant equipment integration.
      BSIET has acquired Comprehensive Class-A Certificate, and is entitled to undertake overseas projects. In recent years,BSIET does all of efforts on expanding design and EPC market in the field of metallurgy, and has participated in designing and engineering constructing of the whole iron and steel process (including CDQ). BSIET has become a strong team in the field of design and construction of domestic metallurgical.

      Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd. (NSENGI) is also an international engineering company, and is one of the wholly-owned subsidiary company of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) which is a worldwide famous iron & steel company. The business scope of NSENGI covers Steel Plants, Environmental Plants such as Waste direct melting/Recycling Plant, etc., Energy Facilities, Marine Engineering & Construction, Building Construction, and so on. NSENGI possesses the advanced technology and experience in the field of CDQ, CMC as
      w e l l a s energy saving and ecological products.

      Fully relying on the technology advantages of NSENGI and resource advantages of Shougang Group and BSIET, BJCEEE mainly focuses on the technical development of CDQ, CMC, COGD and other energy-saving technology in metallurgy field. And it also has been providing design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, after-sales services, technical consultation, and technical training for environmental protection projects like CDQ, CMC and CODG.

      Since it was founded, BJCEEE has obtained adequate consultations from government agency, warm-hearted supports from various iron and steel companies and coking companies, and also received full coordination of various equipment manufactures and construction companies. With the support from all sides and under the leadership of two parent companies, BJCEEE has developed rapidly into a powerful energy-saving and ecological engineering company, which
      owns now the intellectual property rights, advanced technology, and rich experience. The number of the company staff is more than one hundred, including two Professor Level Senior Engineer, nineteen Senior Engineers, twenty two Engineers, nineteen Assistant Engineers, one National Registered Chemical Engineer, three National Registered Construction Supervision Engineers, one National Registered Mechanical Engineer, two Registered Metallurgical Engineers, eight National Registered First-Class Construction Engineers, two National Registration Cost Engineers and one National Registered Cost-Consulting Engineer.By completing more than 50sets of CDQ EPC projects for PRC Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Corporation, Jinan Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Qian’an Zhonghua Coal-chemical Industrial Co., LTD., Baotou Iron &Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Ningbo Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Zibo Hongda Coking Co., LTD., Shougang Jingtang Iron & Stee United Co., LTD., Xinyu Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Chongqing Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Panzhihua Coal Industry Group Limited Company, Jingdezhen Kaimenzi Ceramics Chemical (Group) Co., LTD., Nanchang Fangda Special Steel Technology Co., LTD., Xingtai Iron & Steel Co., LTD., Tangshan Dafeng Coking Co., LTD., Shanxi Longmen Coal Chemical Industry Co., LTD., Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel Co., LTD, Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Neimenggu Yellow River Industrial & Trading Group, JSW Steel LTD. Shandong Taishan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD., Boweixinyu Co., LTD., Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy Co., LTD., Bhushan Steel Limited, Shanxi Guangda Coking Air Source Co., LTD., Shandong Haoyu Energy Co., LTD., Yunnan Qujing Dawei Coking and Gas Production-feed Co.,LTD., Xinchangnan Coking Co.,LTD., Jinneng Science & Technology Co., LTD., Jinshi Magnesium & Coking Co., LTD., Xiangfen Xinyuan Steels, Tangshan Huifeng Coking Co., LTD., Chaochuan Coking Co., LTD., Shanxi Yongxin Coking Co., LTD., KPO for TATA Group In India, Fukang Taihua Coking Co., LTD., Changzhi Iron & Steel Co., LTD. and others, BJCEEE has created good economical and
      s o c i a l benefits, and come to fame as a high quality CDQ manufacturer in Chinese CDQ market.

      In the past two years, the company has been developing overseas market actively, and it has contracted to design, supply and provide supervision service for four sets CDQ to JSW Steel Limited, and two sets CDQ to Bhushan Steel Lim ited.


      At the same time, BJCEEE actively expands Coal Moisture Control (CMC),Coke Oven Gas desulfurization (COGD) and other new technological markets of energy saving in metallurgical areas. It contracts the equipment installation engineering of CMC project for Ma’anshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. as well as the EPC contract of COGD for Changzhi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Relying on a solid foundation to step into the stage of sustainable development, BJCEEE is on its way to become a domestic leading company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection.

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      Address: 13F, China Railway Construction Plaza,
      20 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District
      Beijing 100040, P.R.CHINA

      Tel: 010-88680646、88680647、88680971、88680982、88682651、88684960、88684961

      Fax: 010- 88682330、88683981、88681935、88680648

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